Several water projects in the works in Glenn County as dry wells reach new highs

Glenn County Transcript

As drought conditions persist across the state, a record number of dry wells are being reported in Glenn County and local officials are about to launch several new water projects to ease the concerns related to these groundwater supply issues.

Amy Travis, deputy director of the Office of Emergency Services for the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, said there have been a total of 217 reports submitted related to groundwater supply issues, 151 of which are dry wells. Of the wells with reported groundwater supply issues, 92.63 percent are domestic, household wells, according to Travis, and the area that has been hit the hardest is the north part of the county outside the city of Orland.

“We have over 200 households without running water,” said Travis. “This limits their sanitation abilities. Lack of running water limits the ability to complete daily activities such as shower, wash dishes, and flush toilets, in addition to limiting supply of drinking water.”

According to Travis, these wells belong to private landowners and are not supplied by a community or municipal water source.

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