Shaping plans for single Delta tunnel

The Press –

As plans for a single tunnel in the Delta take shape, a new committee has been created to inform planners of the Delta Conveyance Project’s (DCP) expected impacts across a broad range of interests.

The appointed members of the Stakeholder Engagement Committee (SEC) were announced last month by the board of the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA), and the first meeting of the group was planned for Wednesday, Nov. 13, in Isleton. The DCA was formed in May 2018 to manage the design and construction of what was then the California WaterFix, and is overseen by the California Department of Water Resources.

“The Stakeholder Engagement Committee will give a much-needed voice to the opinions, expertise and concerns of Delta residents, business owners and other stakeholders as the DCA explores engineering and design proposals,” said Sarah Palmer, SEC chair and DCA board member. “The DCA is committed to transparent and robust outreach with the sharing of ideas that will incorporate local knowledge, history and geography into a world-class engineering project that respects the Delta as a place, home and ecosystem. We cannot do this without the Delta stakeholders.

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