Shelby Scout Troop builds habitats for fish

Shelby Star –

Last week, a group of local Boy Scouts set up an assembly line outside of their Scout house in uptown Shelby.

At one station, Scouts poured cement into plastic buckets, donated to them by a local Japanese restaurant. At another they punched holes into the sides of those buckets. Another group ran varying lengths of wire and irrigation tubing through those holes, creating a dense mesh of tubes and wires, more donations to the troop, this time from a local nursery.

The end result may look like a modern art project, but it’s actually a conservation tool meant to help the fish of Moss Lake. The buckets serve as habitat for small fish, providing them a safe place to lay eggs and provide shelter for newborn fish.

“It’s designed to sort of emulate a tree shape. It provides protection for the smaller fish, basically like a habitat and it provides protection for the smaller fish,” said Keshav Italia, a member of Shelby Troop 100 and leader of the project. “When a big fish comes around looking to eat them, they can swim back in (the wires) and be safe.”

The buckets also serve as attractors for bigger fish looking for a meal, making them easier to spot and catch for local fishermen.

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