The species and geographies set to spearhead the growth of global aquaculture

The Fish Site

Following on from his presentation of projected production figures, which he delivered at the recent GOAL 2020 conference, Nikolik delved in more detail about the species and regions in which he saw the greatest growth prospects – the rising stars of the finfish aquaculture sector.

“You can essentially divide the finfish aquaculture world into three main groups. The first consists of salmonids, seabass and sea bream. These are doing well, but there are serious constraints on their growth – in particular the limited supply of licences available. These species are mainly farmed in the West and face pretty heavy environmental regulations, due to environmental concerns and – until RAS and offshore farming truly arrive – I don’t see more than minimal growth rates. They’re mature sectors and 1-5 percent growth per year is the maximum,” argues the Rabobank seafood analyst.

The second group consists of the major carp species, says Nikolik, and – like salmon – this a mature sector, which is reflected in its growth rate.

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