State of California reconsiders changes in Franks Tract

The Press –

More than 100 people crowded into Scout Hall on Bethel Island last week as the (CDFW) held a meeting to collect public input on efforts to make changes to nearby Franks Tract.

Just over a year ago, CDFW presented the final draft of the Franks Tract Futures Feasibility Study to the Delta Stewardship Council. The study concluded that the project to modify Franks Tract — as it was envisioned at the time — was viable, but local opposition to the plan has prompted a return to the drawing board.

“We are pretty much starting from scratch,” said Brett Milligan, associate professor of landscape architecture for the University of California, Davis, who is serving as a consultant on CDFW’s initiative. “We are starting over on our alternatives, and that’s based on the feedback we got through the feasibility study, where there was an initial plan that was very good at meeting the ecological, technical and water-quality performance criteria. But that was before people were really aware of the local interests such as the many marinas, the recreational economy there and so forth.”

The initial objectives of the restoration project were to: improve habitat for the Delta smelt, reduce saltwater intrusion into the central and south Delta, reduce submerged aquatic weeds and reduce invasive non-native fish species that feed on native fish like salmon and Delta smelt.

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