Sustainable fisheries fund launched

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May 2, 2012

The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has announced the formation of a new fund to support fisheries improvement projects (FIPs) around the world.

The fund will be used to:

  • Work with producers and the seafood supply chain to initiate the development of more FIPs in critical areas.
  • Train producers and exporters on how to lead and report on their FIPs, and transition FIP leadership to industry and other local stakeholders.
  • Continue monitoring industry-lead FIPs, improve public access to FIP information, and update SFP’s FIP advice to producers, suppliers, and international retailers.
  • Provide funding to implement improvement activities in individual FIPs.

“SFP’s focus with FIPs has been to engage the private sector to lead effort to improve less well-managed fisheries,” said Jim Cannon, CEO of SFP. “Our existing model of developing and financing FIPs individually has worked reasonably well when dealing with larger fisheries and fewer suppliers feeding into a few markets. But as we extend the approach globally, to smaller fisheries and those with more diffuse and complicated supply chains, we needed another approach to convene and fund FIPs.”

The first contributor to the fund was Phillips Seafood, who also assisted significantly in the design of the concept. Phillips has committed to contributing $0.03 per pound of branded seafood products sold to the fund. Phillips presented SFP with an initial check for $5,000 at the Boston Seafood Show in March.

“SFP’s new fund will help continue and extend their efforts to transition fisheries to sustainability.  We are excited to be a part of this program and hope this inspires other companies as well,” said Ed Rhodes, Phillips Vice President for Sustainability.

Meanwhile Santa Monica Seafood has contributed $10,000 to support key FIPs. “Seafood sustainability needs to be addressed with efforts that go beyond consumer awareness programs.  We believe that FIPs, wild stock enhancement and fishery assessment projects have a positive impact on the supply chain which is why they are a central part of our Responsible Sourcing Vendor Program (RSVP) strategy,” added Logan Koch of Santa Monica Seafood.

SFP also recently partnered with Fortune Fish Company. Fortune will be highlighting a FIP on their web site every two months and donating a portion of their seafood sales to the FIP Fund.

Mark Palicki, Vice President of Marketing for Fortune Fish said: “Last year we had the opportunity to travel to the Gulf of Mexico and see first-hand FIP efforts underway in the red snapper and shrimp fisheries. We’re excited to partner with SFP and to support the FIP Fund so that more fisheries globally can have access to the resources they need to improve harvesting policies and practices.”  

All organizations within the global seafood supply chain interested in supporting fisheries improvement can contribute to the fund.

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