Tiny bubbles used by researchers in new push to kill invasive weeds at Lake Tahoe

KTLA 5 —

Researchers at Lake Tahoe are using tiny bubbles to combat the spread of invasive weeds that rob the alpine lake of its clarity.

Conservationists are partnering with local property owners to expand the use of the so-called “bubble curtains” to halt the spread of non-native plants in the waters straddling the California-Nevada line, the Tahoe Daily Tribune reported last week.

Originally used in the Pacific Northwest to protect aquaculture operations and remove floating debris, the technology has proven effective since it was implemented in a channel at the Tahoe Keys on the lake’s south shore in 2018.

The fine wall of floating bubbles created by a compressor-powered hose on the lake bottom help dislodge plant fragments from boats as they leave the lagoon near South Lake Tahoe, California.

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