U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awards Clover Island $4 million dollars to save endangered aquatic animals


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Walla Walla District (Corps) on Monday, awarded a $4 million construction contract to TDX Power Services, LLC to restore Clover Island’s aquatic and riparian habitat to benefit endangered salmonids.

The Corps and its partner, the Port of Kennewick, have been engaged since 2015 in developing aquatic and riparian habitat along the north shore of Clover Island, a 16-acre man-made island located on the Columbia River.

This project seeks to improve the habitat important to four Endangered Species Act listed salmonid species (upper Columbia River spring-run chinook salmon, upper Columbia River steelhead, middle Columbia River steelhead, and bull trout), as well as provide benefits to other birds, wildlife, and aquatic species at Clover Island.

As the riparian vegetation grows, it is expected to attract food sources (insects) for juvenile salmon to feed, and to provide shade that cools water temperatures along the north shoreline where juvenile salmon will rest and feed as they migrate to the ocean.

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