Volunteer effort at Newberry Hill Heritage Park builds bridge for salmon habitat

Kitsap Sun

Wetlands surrounded by evergreens seem to extend in every direction in Newberry Hill Heritage Park, a preserve of more than 1,000 acres east of Seabeck Highway. So lush with native and threatened species is one marsh that it’s classified as “high conservation value” in the eyes of the state.

That’s where Frank Stricklin believed fish like coho salmon could also flourish — if only they could swim there.

“This could be the healthiest salmon fry in the county,” said Stricklin, as he looked over the vast wetland filled with a buffet of creatures the fish like to eat.

Stricklin and an army of volunteers have succeeded in clearing that very path for salmon. In the past six years, they planned, designed and built a bridge and stream channel to connect the coho and other fish with the pristine habitat.

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