What warming ocean will mean for NZ fisheries

NZ Herald –

Rapid warming of the ocean near Tasmania may provide a good indication of how the water around New Zealand will change as the planet warms, Niwa scientists say.

In a recent paper, published in the New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, the scientists have used two Earth system models and four climate change scenarios to project how New Zealand waters will be affected by 2100.

Lead author and Niwa marine biogeochemist Professor Cliff Law says the best-case scenario involved a stop to the production of carbon dioxide in the next few years. The worst-case was business as usual and carbon dioxide levels continuing to rise.

“The average warming around New Zealand is 2.5C by the end of this century, which will affect how the ocean mixes and the nutrients available for plankton growth, with knock-on effects on the foodweb and fisheries.”

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