Why waterfront music fests may be stressing out local sea life and ruining their love lives

The Palm Beach Post

Waterfront music festivals may unnerve underwater ecosystems and potentially disrupt the love life of a froggy-looking fish that is a dietary staple for dolphins, according to a new University of Miami study.

The study, published last month in the journal Environmental Pollution, was conducted by researchers who were concerned about how sound from the high energy, low frequency Ultra Music Festival would affect the university’s experimental fish hatchery.

The hatchery at the Rosentstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science houses valuable fish such as mahi-mahi, cobia and red snapper.

But in March 2019, the hatchery’s tanks on Virginia Key southeast of downtown Miami became temporary neighbors with the relocated Ultra Music Festival, which set up one of its electronic dance music stages at Virginia Key Beach Park.

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