Friday August 12, 2022

Big Country News

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife is opening a fall Chinook harvest on the Snake River on August 18, from the downstream edge of the large power lines crossing the Snake River (just upstream from West Evans Road on the south shore – approximately 3 miles below Clarkston) upstream to the Oregon state line, and from the Burbank to Pasco railroad bridge (at Snake River mile 1.25) to Lower Granite Dam. The fishery will be open 7 days a week with a daily limit of 3 adult hatchery Chinook, and no daily limit for jack Chinook (clipped or unclipped). Anglers must release all other salmon. Minimum size is 12 inches and barbless hooks are required. The fishery is set to close on October 31.

WDFW says the 2022 Columbia River forecasted return of upriver bright adults is 230,400, with a significant portion of these fish expected to return to the Snake River.

WDFW requires that all Washington licensed anglers cease fishing for Chinook once they have retained their adult daily limit. Adult Chinook are 24 inches in length or larger and jack Chinook are less than 24 inches in length. Two-pole permits are not allowed during this fishery.

The holder of a valid Washington fishing license may fish the Snake River where it forms the boundary between the states of Washington and Idaho, subject to the fish and game laws of Washington but may not fish from the shore including wading and may not fish sloughs or tributaries on the Idaho side. An Idaho license holder has the same rights and restrictions with reference to the Washington side, according to WDFW.

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