Wildlife managers say imperiled fish are recovering but may always need human help

AZ Central

Nearly every detail of the soil bed beneath the water in the miles stretching up to Hoover Dam is discernible. Only wakes from boats and ripples from kayak paddles disturb the surface.

Fish are easily spotted.

While it’s a momentary delight for the boaters or kayakers, it can be a deadly reality for certain species. Following the regulation of the Colorado River and the introduction of non-native fish species, several of Arizona’s native fish were pushed to the brink of extinction. Coalitions of federal, state and tribal agencies have spent decades trying to save them.

Now, those same agencies are proposing to downlist one of those species — the razorback sucker — from endangered to threatened under the Endangered Species Act. This comes on the fins of a similar proposal to downlist another native fish, the humpback chub.

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