WWF hails ‘sustainability example’ of salmon farmers

Fish Farmer –

THE World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recognised the positive impact on sustainability made by the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), a group which represents 50 per cent of the world’s farmed salmon production.

In an article, published on the WWF website, the WWF acknowledges how the salmon producers’ model of pre-competitive collaboration has helped transform the industry towards a more sustainable future.

THE GSI is praised for offering ‘a faster path to innovation and progress in addressing environmental, sustainability and reputational challenges’.

Disease and sea lice management are among the areas in which information sharing among the producers has been most beneficial, said the WWF.

And the salmon farmers are also hailed as an example to other industries wanting to accelerate their sustainability goals.

‘Aquaculture, a relatively young industry in terms of global commercial growth, has received a great deal of scrutiny regarding its negative environmental impacts, and salmon in particular has been in the limelight,’ wrote the WWF in its article.

‘With mounting negative press, pressure from buyers, and limitations to social licence to expand operations (or even just to operate in some cases), salmon farming companies looked for alternative ways to address these challenges.’

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