WWF praises Global Salmon Initiative

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The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) has 14 members, representing 50 percent of global salmon aquaculture tonnage. Established in 2013, it drove rapid uptake of Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified salmon throughout the industry, resulting in around 40 percent of the industry being certified today, including 60 percent of GSI member production.

According to WWF: “GSI has enabled information-sharing relating to better environmental practices, increased trust and produced clear results among members, and shared them publicly, demonstrating that pre-competitive collaboration is not only possible but can prove beneficial to companies’ bottom lines. Other industries can learn from this example how to make progress on sustainability goals collectively, while also improving reputation and saving money.”

By forming the GSI, members committed to voluntarily reporting on the key indicators of sustainability performance, including metrics on fish escapes, antibiotic use, and marine ingredients in feed, among others.

And, according to WWF: “Though difficult to quantify, there is a significant perceived improvement in reputation amongst members of the GSI as a result of these efforts.”

Although, WWF concedes, “it is unlikely the GSI will meet the target of full certification by 2020 (current estimate is approximately 75 percent), the progress towards certification in still considerable and significant. Several members have pointed to certification progress and collective problem-solving on sustainability issues as one of the main drivers for considering the GSI as a successful collaboration and optimal use of resources.”

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