Acoustic telemetry is an increasingly popular tool for tracking the movement and behavior of fish populations in California. Researchers have applied telemetry methods to study a wide range of species and habitats since the 1960s. Acoustic telemetry is an important component of our own work at FISHBIO, and we recognized the need to compile a detailed list of all the disparate projects in California’s Central Valley. We decided to produce such a resource to inform new research projects and increase the efficiency of future telemetry efforts.

Our review encompassed all available acoustic telemetry studies in the Central Valley that focused on salmonids or predatory fishes such as striped bass and largemouth bass. This synthesis allowed us to observe trends in project characteristics that can guide the development of future telemetry priorities. For example, we identified specific geographic areas, species, or life stages that have received little coverage or research attention compared to others. We presented this work in 2011 at the Biotelemetry Project Work Team of the Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) in West Sacramento, California.

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