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Erin Loury is a fisheries biologist and science communication specialist who has fisheries research experience in the western United States and Southeast Asia. She has extensive experience communicating scientific findings to broad audiences via multiple media platforms. Erin manages FISHBIO’s website, blog, newsletter, and social media channels; prepares press materials; and assists with video production and community outreach. Additionally, she helps coordinate FISHBIO’s Mekong program, including directing communications for the Mekong Fish Network, and has worked on projects to establish community-managed Fish Conservation Zones in Laos and Myanmar, standardize fisheries research methods, and engage community participation in fisheries research and management.

Erin directs FISHBIO’s Three Rivers education program, has conducted science education training for teachers, and has designed and led trainings on science writing, communication strategies, and video production. She holds a master’s degree in marine science with a focus in ichthyology from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, where she worked with recreational and commercial fishers to conduct fish monitoring surveys in Central California’s marine protected areas. She also holds a graduate certificate in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Erin received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, Davis.

Key FISHBIO Projects

Selected Reports and Publications

Loury, E. S. Ainsley, and S. Ounboundisane. 2019. Guidelines for Assessing Fish Conservation Zones in Lao PDR. FISHBIO Laos, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. (Download PDF)

Loury, E., S. Ainsley, and S. Ounboundisane. 2019. Field Handbook for Assessing Fish Conservation Zones in Lao PDR. FISHBIO Laos, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

Ounboundisane, S., E. Loury, B. Chamsinh, and F. Guegan. 2019. Status Report on Fish Conservation Zones in Lao PDR. Prepared for the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund. FISHBIO Laos, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR. (Download PDF)

Patricio, H.C., S.A. Zipper, M.L. Peterson, S.M. Ainsley, E.K. Loury, S. Ounboundisane, and D.B. Demko. 2019. Fish catch and community composition in a data-poor Mekong River subcatchment characterised through participatory surveys of harvest from an artisanal fishery. Marine and Freshwater Research. Early Online Access: DOI: 10.1071/MF17338

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Loury E.K., S.M. Bros, R.M. Starr, D.A. Ebert, and G.M. Cailliet. 2015. Trophic ecology of the gopher rockfish Sebastes carnatus inside and outside of central California marine protected areas. Marine Ecology Progress Series 536: 229-241.

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Loury, E. 2011. Fishing with a Mission: Collaborating to Monitor California’s Marine Protected Areas. Fisheries, 1548-8446, 36(3): 141-142.