welding rigid weir panelOur fabrication and wet-lab capabilities are key to our versatility in the environmental research field. We design, build, and test electronic and mechanical environmental research and monitoring tools, including photo/video/infrared monitoring systems, automated remote telemetry stations, fish traps and counting weirs, and many other one-of-a-kind projects related to fish passage, screening, and documentation challenges.

If you have questions about a project or technology, email our experts at FABLAB@fishbio.com.

FISHBIO Technician

The elusive FAB-tech

You recognize their call, by the sound of metal grinding metal, the chirp of the forklift as it maneuvers heavy equipment into place, or the concentrated whoosh of the acetylene torch. Though they’re sometimes hard to spot, the elusive FABLAB technician Technica fabricatus is often found deep in the shop amongst the fiberglass and sawhorses, with its head buried in the latest project. If you can catch one of these fab-techs in between runs for additional supplies or reviewing project plans…

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