Fisheries Research and Conservation from Rivers to the Sea

With a focus on Costa Rica, FISHBIO’s projects in Central America include marine and freshwater fisheries research and community-based fisheries management and conservation. We also support an ecotourism initiative on the Osa Peninsula at Casa Roja.  

Casa Roja is managed by FISHBIO as an initiative to promote fish conservation, education, research and monitoring in Costa Rica. The FISHBIO team has a deep love for Costa Rica, and we see Casa Roja as a unique opportunity to introduce guests to the spectacular natural beauty of the Osa Peninsula, as well as the Sierpe River and its special mangrove forests. At the same time, we strive to support research, education, and conservation in the region by working with communities, universities, tourists, and environmental groups. We hope that more people sharing our love and appreciation for this incredible region will help support its preservation for generations to come.

What We Do
Our scientists specialize in fisheries research, monitoring, education, and conservation. We are committed to producing high-quality work that meets rigorous scientific standards and can design technological solutions and scientific equipment to address a range of natural resource challenges.

Through Casa Roja and our projects in Costa Rica, we aim to:

  • Improve education and awareness about Costa Rican fisheries
  • Work with local communities to solve fisheries issues
  • Develop fish research proposals with local environmental groups and universities
  • Develop long-term fish monitoring programs with entities working in the Osa Peninsula and the Térraba and Sierpe watersheds
  • Connect tourists with local culture, communities, and activities

Scope and Impact
Currently, our projects are focused on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast and the Térraba and Sierpe watersheds. We are pursuing an integrated watershed approach to fish research, conservation and management, working to unite people living from river headwaters to the ocean with the common goals of improving the sustainability of fisheries, job and food security, water quality, ecosystem health, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. This vision can only be accomplished by collaboration, sharing data and resources, and inspiring people to explore and use fisheries and other natural resources respectfully and sustainably

Who We Work With
We are currently developing projects with the University of Costa Rica, Fundación Neotrópica and the indigenous territories of Brörán (Térraba) and Rey Curré.

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