Monday March 27, 2023

ABC 23 Bakersfield

After years of drought, recent rains means more water for the Kern River, and the river is flowing through Bakersfield once again. But what are the impacts to the city’s water supply, and will the increase in water flow help Bakersfield in the end?

“We are going to be maximizing our recharge and keeping this water as best we can within the City of Bakersfield,” said Assistant Water Resources Director Daniel R. Maldonado.

According to Maldonado, groundwater is used when there isn’t enough surface water available, and recharging groundwater basins that have been depleted can take a long time.

“Recharge is always a good thing for the residents of Bakersfield, and Bakersfield in general. We’ve had some prolonged drought, periods of drought, which have required us to pump water more than we would’ve liked to,” said Maldonado.

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