Wednesday October 25, 2023

AZO Robotics

The Salmon Vision study annotates over 500,000 individual video frames collected at two Indigenous-run fish counting weirs on B.C.’s Central Coast’s Kitwanga and Bear Rivers.

Developed in data conjunction with the Gitanyow Fisheries Authority and Skeena Fisheries Commission, the first-of-its-kind deep learning computer model demonstrates promising accuracy in recognizing salmon species.

When tracking 12 different fish species through custom fish-counting boxes at the two weirs, it produced mean average precision rates of 67.6%. For coho and sockeye salmon, two of the main fish species targeted by First Nations, commercial, and recreational fishers, the results exceeded 90% and 80%, respectively.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation, Gitanyow Fisheries Authority, Skeena Fisheries Commission, researchers, and fisheries managers from Simon Fraser University and Douglas College computing sciences collaborated on the model, which was funded by the British Columbia Salmon Recovery and Innovation Fund.

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