Thursday January 18, 2024

Sierra Daily News

During a meeting on Wednesday, the California Water Commission will present statewide strategies for protecting communities, fish, and wildlife in the event of a drought as part of its work to support the California Water Resilience Portfolio.

The Commission is set to convene in Sacramento, presenting critical items on its agenda. It features discussions on the Commission’s 2024 work plan, the final white paper outlining drought strategies to protect fish and wildlife, and the State Water Project annual review.

Noteworthy updates include insights into the Willow Springs Water Bank Conjunctive Use Project under the Water Storage Investment Program and an overview of the Commission’s discretion regarding project progress and funding. This project works with the State Water Project, using 500 thousand acre-feet of stored groundwater to benefit the ecosystem north of the Delta.

Additionally, the meeting will cover the Department of Water Resources (DWR) Strategic Plan, focusing on optimizing water use amid a changing climate.

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