Tuesday March 12, 2024


California is beginning to identify places to store storm water after concerns that groundwater supplies are decreasing.

The California Department of Water Resources has recently announced its new groundwater mapping project that will “provide critical information” about the underground water supply, it said in a statement.

The Statewide Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) Survey Project mapped 95 groundwater basins of priority in the state by scanning depths of 1,000 feet into the earth, using helicopter-based technology.

The mapping project will allow officials to decide where replenishment is needed.

Groundwater supply is vital to California’s water supply. It provides 30 to 60 percent of all water in the state, depending on how its reservoir water storage is faring. Groundwater is used mainly during dry periods and is an essential buffer against drought. The Western state has only recently emerged from a prolonged drought, meaning officials are looking to see how groundwater supply is holding up.

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