Thursday May 2, 2024

Daily Republic

The city administration has called on its residents to speak up against the state’s proposed “55% unimpaired flows” Bay Delta Plan policy.

The statement, released through the city’s communications office, had no direct comment from a council member or the administration leadership.

“The state’s proposed ‘55% unimpaired flows’ would have a direct and significant impact on Lake Berryessa and the communities that depend on it. This amounts to approximately 144,000 acre feet of water,” the statement said. “Furthermore, the plan would require Lake Berryessa to be kept at 65% capacity, regardless of drought conditions. This would effectively eliminate our drought resiliency, as it represents a three-year water supply that our communities would not have access to.”

The city’s “call to action” is for residents and community members “to voice their concerns by contacting their state representatives and the State Water Board.”

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