Wednesday November 30, 2022

The Northern View

A landslide that pummelled into the upper Ecstall river on Sept. 1, might be less devastating to the resident fish populations than originally predicted, Julia Hill Sorochan, assistant director at SkeenaWild Conservation Trust said Nov. 28.

SkeenaWild developed the Ecstall River Monitoring Program following the slide this fall, to track and assess the impact the natural disaster has had on fish stocks.

The Ecstall, a tributary that feeds into the Skeena River just before Prince Rupert, is a large contributor of all species of salmon and steelhead.

“In the short term we hope to gain an understanding of the scope and scale of the impacts. In the long term, there may be opportunities that arise that we are not sure of. I think our science team is interested in not pre-determining what needs to happen,” Hill Sorochan said.

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