Friday November 12, 2021


As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) marks November as Native American Heritage Month, the agency is announcing over $25 million in funding through grants and interagency agreements to 85 tribes in California to invest in environmental programs and water infrastructure.

“Tribes are essential partners in helping us meet our mission of protecting human health and the environment across the country,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Tribal, Intergovernmental, and Policy Division Acting Director Bridget Coyle. “EPA is proud to announce these awards, which are a crucial tool to ensure Tribes can sustain and grow their environmental programs and departments.”

EPA funding to tribes in California will support projects on water quality monitoring, watershed protection and restoration, tribal drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, plant operator training and technical assistance. Tribes in California will also use EPA funding to develop programs to build capacity for shared prevention resources to prevent releases of hazardous substances into the environment, monitor, protect and improve air quality, and build public awareness of these efforts.


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