Tuesday July 9, 2024

Bangkok Post

Experts are concerned that the diversion of water from the Salween River to the Ping River could lead to a decline in fish stocks due to competition from invasive species and genetic contamination.

Fisheries biologist at Maejo University, Apinan Suwannarak, on Sunday said the Nam Yuam Dam project — which could divert up to 1.8 billion cubic metres of water from the Salween River basin along the Thai-Myanmar border to the Ping River, which is located further inside the country — could threaten the survival of up to 98% of the species found along the Ping River.

“We still don’t fully understand the biology and behaviour of many species in the Salween. Most of the fish found in the river migrate towards the estuary to lay eggs, so the dam might affect their chances,” he said.

Invasive species introduced via the dam’s channels could also alter the ecology of the basin, Mr Apinan said.

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