Tuesday June 18, 2024

Penticton News

A report that the federal government will stop open-net salmon farming and give the industry five years to transition is not sitting well with the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA).

The Globe and Mail published an article June 17 entitled, “Ottawa set to stop open-net salmon farms in B.C., giving the industry 5 years to transition”, claiming BC salmon farming licences will be renewed for five years with the expectation to move to land-based operations after the licencing period.

“The plan forward communicated in this article does not reflect a ‘realistic, responsible and achievable’ approach to a transition, as Minister Lebouthillier has publicly stated,” the BCSFA says in a statement. “Neither is it supported by science, including that of the government’s own scientists, who have repeatedly stated that salmon farming in BC poses no more than minimal risk to wild Pacific salmon.”

These unsubstantiated claims of a move to land would significantly impact the sector, potentially resulting in the loss of more than 6,000 jobs, the BCSFA says. This potential decision will also have ripple effects on Atlantic Canada, as it will send a clear message that Canada is not a country in which to invest.

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