Monday March 28, 2022

Marin Independent Journal

A coalition of biologists, ranchers, public agencies and environmental groups is exploring the idea of reintroducing beavers to lower Lagunitas Creek as a way to improve habitat for endangered salmon and provide benefits to nearby landowners.

While the idea of reintroducing beavers to Marin is by no means new or close to being implemented, it recently has gained a broader range of supporters who are now endeavoring to bring state wildlife officials on board.

Two ranches near Point Reyes Station that include sections of the creek have given their support for allowing beavers on the land. The Marin Municipal Water District, which is responsible for monitoring Lagunitas Creek and its endangered fish runs, is preparing a letter to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to begin more seriously evaluating the idea.

“At this point, more people are involved in the discussion than used to be involved,” said Eric Ettlinger, an aquatic ecologist with the district. “I think more people are going to be brought into the discussion including the public. We are closer, but there is still a long way to go to work out all of the details of reintroducing beavers.”

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