Thursday May 30, 2024


With the potential for flooding during present-day winter storms and sea level rise continually inching up on San Francisco Bay Area communities, a team of scientists and engineers have created a new computer model that can inform key decision-making and guide flood prevention efforts both now and in the future. The model can be accessed free-of-charge on the San Francisco Bay-Delta Community website.

The computer model synthesizes the complex dynamics that make up the San Francisco Bay-Delta’s environment, including the hydrology, sediment transport, water quality and the many ecosystems that span the region.

“Agencies can now work collaboratively to gather insights and assess the impact of flood events and understand how effective mitigation measures such as levees, salt pond restoration projects and other proposed measures might affect different jurisdictions across the Bay and Delta,” said Hank Ackerman, flood control program manager with the Alameda County Public Works Agency.

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