Tuesday March 5, 2024

Lake County Record-Bee

The impacts to Lake County’s water supply were debated at the Board of Supervisors meeting February 27 with discussion centered over the substantial effects on the county’s future water supply if PG&E’s proposed plans are carried out in full.

Consideration was made of: A. requesting a letter of support from the State Department of Water Resources, and B, approval of resolution authorizing the grant application, acceptance and execution of the Potter Valley Project de-commissioning. Such action means probable removal of Scott Dam and maybe elimination of Lake Pillsbury.

Asking the Board chair to sign the letter was Matthew Rothstein, Chief Deputy County Administrative Officer along with Patrick Sullivan, treasure/ tax collector. Rothstein and officials from the California Department of Water Resources have regularly met with county staff, Chair Bruno Sabatier and District 3 Supervisor Crandell over last several months to discuss potential consequences of PG&E’s decommissioning proposal.

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