Wednesday August 23, 2023


The Spokane Tribe is celebrating a major milestone in their efforts to return Chinook Salmon to the Upper Spokane River.

Salmon conservation and protection is an upstream battle, but for the Spokane Tribe it is worth it.

That sentiment was shared among everyone who gathered on the bank of the Little Spokane River to celebrate the release of 50 adult Summer Chinook Salmon. Barry Moses from the Spokane Tribe said, “As Spokane people, we’re fish people, we’re river people. It’s ironic because none of us had actually seen, I think nobody living has actually seen the salmon run.”

The Spokane Tribe and their partners are trying to change that. This release took place on the Glen Tana Farm, a 1,100-acre plot of land that is under contract to be given to the Spokane Tribe and Washington State Parks for salmon habitat restoration and conservation. Monica Tonasket from the Spokane Tribe said, “For the first time we are going to have two miles of the water. The river here will be used by our tribe to bring salmon back. It’s just so important to the Spokane Tribe and we believe the salmon are going to bring healing to our people.”

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