Wednesday April 6, 2022


Washington state’s tribes hold out hope of restoring salmon runs on the Columbia. However their hopes will be in vain as long as we continue to flush salmon-poisoning Roundup weed killer into “the Big River.”

Monsanto Roundup, a known carcinogen, is sprayed on wheat as a pre-harvest weed killer and desiccant. Commercial corn, soybeans, lentils — some 70 crops in all — are grown with this weed killer. To avoid eating Roundup you must buy strictly organic and you must quit eating the meat of animals fed with Roundup corn and soy.

Unfortunately for salmon and humans, Roundup flowing down into the Columbia kills stomach bacteria and villi essential for digestion. Humans develop sick stomachs. Salmon die. Everything can be grown organically, and therefore everything should be grown organically. Washington should become the first organic state.

Weed killer is no longer needed: We now have robotic weeders.

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