Wednesday October 25, 2023


The National Weather Service is ramping up their operations this week as we enter into the winter season.

“We’re in good shape to start the year,” says Dalton Behringer of the National Weather Service.

Because of the atmospheric rivers from earlier this year, the drought is nearly nonexistent and reservoir levels are above average.

As El Niño gains strength, many assume that automatically means an excessively wet winter, but KSBW’s Chief Meteorologist Lee Solomon says not all El Niños are created equal.

“El Niño for us here on the Central Coast really depends on whether it’s a strong or moderate El Niño. This one right now currently is at least moderate, possibly trending to strong so if we end up with a strong El Niño, which is still yet to be determined, that generally would correlate to stronger winner for us, meeting more rain than average,” says Solomon.

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