Tuesday February 13, 2024


Siskiyou County residents and the team behind the Klamath River renewal project are at odds over circumstances related to the project.

In recent weeks, representatives with the county issued a press release urging residents to stay away from the Iron Gate and Copco Reservoirs because animals have been getting stuck in the muddy reservoirs and are facing danger as a result. County personnel said residents shouldn’t try to rescue the animals on their own. They warned that entering the mud can pose serious risks to one’s safety and well-being.

These conditions follow reservoir drawdowns, which are part of the process to prepare for the removals of the Iron Gate and Copco 1 Dams.

Klamath River Country Estates Owners Association Treasurer Ann Noel said concerns about wildlife started when the Iron Gate and Copco Reservoir drawdowns began in January 2024. Noel said the group leading the project, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation, told the community protocols would be in place, but when an eagle, deer, duck, horse, and other animals got stuck in the muddy area, locals couldn’t find help after reaching out to the KRRC and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW).

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