Tuesday July 5, 2022

Tahoe Daily Tribune

The California Tahoe Conservancy is nearing completion of the second stage of the Upper Truckee Marsh Restoration Project, which is just a piece of the plan they’ve been working the last 20 years on to restore the marsh to its former glory. 

An aerial photo of the marsh from the 1940s shows a very different marsh than the one that’s there today. The Upper Truckee River split into multiple channels and lagoons and the water flowed through the 1,600 acres of marsh before entering Lake Tahoe. 

The lush, green marsh provided habitat for many creatures, including song birds. It also helped with water quality, as it acted as a giant filter for water entering Lake Tahoe. 

“As the water would come down through here, it would move through the vegetation and it would stop and slow down and drop a lot of sediment, a lot of nutrients would be picked up,” said Stuart Roll, senior environmental scientist for CTC.

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