Wednesday September 28, 2022

Chico Enterprise-Record

The water level at Lake Oroville is lowering and the early seasonal rainfall hasn’t been enough to bring it back up.

Three of the five ramps surrounding the lake have closed because of low water levels with only Bidwell and Loafer Point still available to the public for boat launching.

According to the California Department of Water Resources, which oversees lake operations, both open ramps are expected to stay open as they run deep into the lake. Additionally, boat ramps at the Thermalito Afterbay and South Forebay are open as well.

While dozens of boats still span the water at Lime Saddle, many mariners and houseboat owners are once again finding it difficult to access their boats as well as the mainland. DWR said Lime Saddle was closed in the last week of August and the Spillway boat ramp was closed Sept. 19. Loafer Creek hasn’t been open since 2020.

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