Wednesday August 16, 2023


 Walleye were first found in Washington around 80 years ago, the fish was illegally introduced and spread into the Snake and Columbia rivers, according to Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG). In Idaho, the walleye has been found in the adult fish trap at the Lower Granite Dam since 2016 and every year the number caught increases. The department said the walleye are spreading at an alarming rate and are asking for fishermen’s help to try and slow it.

“Anglers, if you encounter walleye on your fishing trips in rivers and streams where there are anadromous fish, we ask you not to release them back to the river alive and instead, enjoy a very tasty dinner,’ a news release stated. “There is no limit on size or possession in rivers in Idaho where there are salmon or steelhead.”

IDFG stated that walleye eat salmon and steelhead, native fish to Idaho, lay from 57,000 to 300,000 eggs a year and are expanding their range due to warmer water temperatures.

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