Friday April 22, 2022

Khmer Times

The water level in the Mekong River has finally risen, thanks to the rainfall over the past few days, and hopefully the rain continues in the next few days so as to bring the water level to normal.

According to the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology, the Mekong River water level in Stung Treng province yesterday was three metres higher than on Tuesday, which is 0.03 metres higher in Chaktomuk.

The Ministry’s deputy department director Mao Hak who is in charge of the Tonle Sap Lake, said there was heavy rain during the three days of the Khmer New Year celebration and holidays which had helped increase the water in the river.

“It is very worrying when there is no rain. The rain last month and now had caused the water level to rise in the Mekong River and this was recorded at all the hydrological stations. The stations recorded an altitude of about 0.50 metres while water at Tonle Sap Lake and canals are also good,” he added.

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