Wednesday November 29, 2023

AgNet West

Last winter’s abundant surface water supply gave Westlands Water District the boost it needed to initiate a goal of replenishing 200,000 acre-feet of groundwater into District aquifers. Thanks to the commitment of landowners embracing climate-resilient farming practices, this ambitious target was not only achieved early but also prompted the District to set an even higher goal of 275,000 acre-feet of groundwater by February 29, 2024.

“This outstanding achievement demonstrates the District’s dedication to ensuring a long-term water future in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley’s prime farmland,” Westlands Water District General Manager, Allison Febbo said in a statement. “This year farmers and the District went from drought to abundance of water supply and quickly pivoted to capture as much water as possible. With over 434 projects approved and a handful more coming online in the next few weeks, the District is in a great position to take advantage or another wet year.”

Since 2019, Westlands has not only invested in District-wide projects but has also been actively collaborating with local landowners. Over 434 on-farm recharge projects have been initiated, with more than 285 projects already contributing to the improvement of groundwater levels in both lower and upper aquifers. This dual approach, combining centralized and on-farm projects, showcases Westlands’ comprehensive strategy to maximize the positive impact on water resources.

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