Monday August 14, 2023

Daily Democrat

The United States Army Corps of Engineers contractor, Granite Construction, has begun work to widen the Sacramento Bypass flood control structure.

According to a Yolo County press release, the Sacramento Weir Widening Project is taking place along Old River Road, also known as County Road 22, just north of the city of West Sacramento city limits.

This crucial step toward bolstering flood control measures along the Sacramento River aims to enhance flood stage management both upstream and downstream of the Sacramento Weir during high-flow events, thereby mitigating flood risks and safeguarding the areas adjoining the Sacramento River.

As this project gets underway, it is imperative for commuters to anticipate potential delays stemming from project construction, which is anticipated to persist until late 2026. Motorists are encouraged to exercise caution, adhere to construction signage, and reduce speeds while navigating through the construction zone.

When possible, motorists are encouraged to take alternative routes.

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