Garth Jaehnig

Technology Lead

Garth Jaehnig is a field crew leader and FISHBIO’s Technology Lead. He is responsible for managing FISHBIO’s suite of fisheries technologies, including serving as a representative for the VAKI Riverwatcher. He also helps develop new technologies, such as custom monitoring cameras. Garth is proficient in a variety of fish sampling methods including rotary screw traps, snorkel surveys, boat and backpack electrofishing, seining, and resistance board weir monitoring. He has conducted bank stability surveys, benthic invertebrate sampling, stranding surveys, and fish rescues, and is experienced in small watercraft operation.

Garth has experience in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, and has machined parts for the aerospace industry and the U.S. military. He is familiar with three-dimensional design software (SolidWorks/AutoDesk), and can create three-dimensional renderings and blue prints. He also has a basic understanding of software coding and the programming language Python. He is an experienced SCUBA diver with an advanced certification from PADI.

Featured Projects

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