Friday May 28, 2010

It’s not rare to find the FISHBIO field tech (Fieldus camera operatus) snapping photos of fish or conducting fish research on various rivers throughout the Central Valley. But, because they are constantly on the move-either documenting or gathering the latest scientific data-we don’t often have a chance to capture them in the wild, pursuing other interests.
The field tech can be spotted by their vibrant-colored FISHBIO t-shirts, ranging from blue to black and white, or even, as in this instance, the rare orange tee.
A unique thing about the FISHBIO field tech is that they are typically creative, industrious, and curious types that often have varied interests outside their daily FISHBIO duties. We find these traits aid them in their ability to focus during daily tasks and make them keen investigators-constantly asking questions, looking for ways to improve research tools, and discovering solutions to fish monitoring and management challenges.
Photo source: FISHBIO

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