Monday July 26, 2010

Most people have spent at least one night in the woods while camping or backpacking, but what about an overnight snorkel trip? Fisheries management doesn’t end where the road does, which often requires helicopters, horses, or backpacks to lug in various equipment to sample fish populations in remote areas. On this particular trip counting trout in one of California’s rugged coastal wilderness areas, the coveted helicopter ride wasn’t an option considering our project budget. So, rather than pack in a ton of comfort-gear, which would require at least one extra day on each end of the survey, we decide to go light and fast. The result was three days snorkeling 26 miles of stream, two nights sleeping in dry suits, and a limited diet of protein and candy bars, granola, and all the ice-cold water we could drink. Although it may look uncomfortable (ok, it really is), the dry-suit-sleeping bag provides excellent protection from mosquitoes and other insects.
Photo source: FISHBIO

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