Monday October 22, 2012

After a visit to California, Sinsamout Ounboundisane, a Fisheries Biologist who joined the FISHBIO team earlier this year, is on his way back home to Lao PDR to continue working in our office in Vientiane. Trying to squeeze as many activities as possible into his month-long stay, we had “Mout” running ragged: he was able to join our crews during a variety of activities, including gillnetting, electrofishing, weir monitoring, fish marking and salmon redd mapping. In addition to logging many hours in the field, attending a Major League Baseball game, a trip to Yosemite Valley, an American backyard BBQ, local nightlife and a salmon fishing trip (where Mout caught his first Chinook), his schedule was truly flush with what we hope amounted to a great travel experience. Our California-based staff immensely enjoyed Mout’s company (and cooking skills… especially the tom yum soup!) and already looks forward to his next visit.

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