Friday July 22, 2011

The Fisheries Society of the British Isles is currently holding its Annual International Conference at Bournemouth University in Southern England. This year’s theme is “Fish Diversity and Conservation: Current State of Knowledge.” A wide range of experts from around the world have converged to share their research. The main goals of the meeting are to, “establish a pan-continental base of knowledge and to provide scientific evidence towards the development of sustainable conservation for fish communities.” Themes of the meeting include trends in global diversity, understanding behavior for conservation, connecting habitat management with conservation, examining the impacts of introduced species, examining how policies can support global conservation, and genetic and evolutionary aspects of fish conservation.

Some very notable researchers have given inspiring and cutting-edge talks. While most of the conference has been focused on advanced research, theory and application for global fish conservation, fish people still like to have a good time. The conference organizers have done a great job of making sure the attendees get to see the glory Bournemouth has to offer, inviting us on a sea cruise along the South Coast and to the Oceanarium to see some astounding fish. After a long day of sitting in a conference room and listening to lectures, it’s important for us to be reminded of why we work so hard for fish conservation. The beauty of fish diversity and the sea inspires us all after a long day of PowerPoint presentations. FISHBIO is very thankful to the organizers and the Society for all their efforts to bring together such a recognized and globally diverse group of specialists! For more information about the speakers and their talks check out the conference program.

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