Wednesday April 4, 2018

Studying for captains license
FISHBIO has added a new captain to our ranks. We would like to commend Steve Clark on recently passing his captain’s license test. Whether we’re installing a portable resistance weir, checking our rotary screw traps, or conducting electrofishing surveys, a lot of the work we do at FISHBIO requires the use of motorized boats. Many of our staff members are experienced in operating small watercraft, but only the select few complete the requirements to become a certified captain through the US Coast Guard. Requirements for the captain’s license include 360 days of boat driving experience and passing a four-part test that covers topics such as laws, navigation, and boat signals.
Captain Steve
Steve studied for two months in preparation for the test, and said the hardest part was memorizing the color-coded light and buoy signals that captains use to communicate with each other. Now that he has his captain’s license, Steve can operate a vessel weighing up to 100 tons on any inland waters or up to ten miles out at sea, and he can carry six passengers and 50 crew members. His expertise in boat captaining is useful for our larger vessels and our work with federal agencies, which often require a licensed boat captain. Great job, Steve!

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