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While it’s common for fisheries biologists to have a fish lab, we don’t know of many others that also have a brew lab where they work. At our headquarters in Oakdale, we’ve taken our home brewing hobby and run with it, scaling up into a sizeable operation. Our kettles and fermenters yield one barrel (roughly thirty gallons) of beer per brew session. As we like to take a DIY approach to everything we do, our FABLAB created a custom tippy-dump style brew stand that uses electric burners to heat our mash, boil the brew, and more easily maintain proper temperatures throughout the process.

We often brew with hops from our garden, and take to our brewing with a scientist’s flair for experimentation. We’ve dabbled with barrel aging and in crafting unique flavors, including some tropical favorites such as mango and coconut. We’ve had a variety of porters, stouts, pale ales and wheat beers on tap, and FISHBIO brews have become one of our most popular holiday “thank you” gifts. Our staff regularly bring in their growlers for a sample, and you can often find us gathered around our handcrafted barrel bar for a happy hour or office celebration. 

FISHBIO brew lab

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