Good things are growing at FISHBIO Farms

When FISHBIO moved into our Oakdale headquarters in 2011, the open lot behind the office provided a blank slate to realize our garden dreams. Since that time, our backyard garden, affectionately known as “FISHBIO Farms,” has blossomed into an abundance of planter beds and a mini orchard boasting dozens of fruit trees. Our abundance of fruits and vegetables typically includes a healthy offering of pepper varieties along with tomatoes, berries, stone fruits, citrus, olives, an assortment of fresh herbs, and much more. Grape arbors offer shade from the Central Valley sun, and plentiful bines keep us well stocked in hops for our office beer brewing. We built a greenhouse to shelter our tropical fruit trees and get a head start on seeds, and our deluxe chicken coop is often the center of the garden action.

Our little farm is a way for us to stay connected to the rural, agrarian communities that span the Central Valley and San Joaquin Basin where we work. Several members of our Oakdale office even have a background in agriculture, whether from spending years in 4-H or by working as growers themselves. The produce from FISHBIO Farms makes its way into jams, jellies, hot sauces, and other gifts, and the garden offers the perfect place for a workday break. We look forward to watching our garden continue to evolve, and encourage you to take a stroll yourself if you pay us a visit!

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