Our furry and feathered friends

Fish aren’t the only animals that we love at FISHBIO. A visit to our Oakdale office isn’t complete without stopping by to say hello to our chickens. Our flock of Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons have the full run of a spacious coop shaded by a canopy of grape vines and hops. We also built them a two-level hen house with latching flaps at the back that offer easy access for egg gathering. Feeding the chickens is one of the best mood boosters we’ve found, and these girls eat well, with overflow from our garden and orchard to supplement their feed. But there’s nothing like the sound of a rattling can of dried mealworms to make the bunch come running. A visit to the coop to collect some eggs or toss some feed never fails as a great way to start the morning or to reset during a long workday.

You’re sure to spot some other animals if you spend time around our Oakdale office. Local wildlife occasionally take up residence on the property, and we once raised some turkeys in our coop, but their stint was short lived. We are also a dog-friendly workplace and home to a pair of resident office cats. Feline siblings Sister and Mister are a success story in feral kitten rehabilitation, and help our productivity by trying to snooze on our keyboards. Whatever your animal of preference, one of our furred or feathered colleagues is likely to put a smile on your face.

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